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Reading Ram Charan

Well, I´ve just started reading the book "Everyday business is a growth business", written by Ram Charan. And I have to say, it`s damn interesting right from the beginning. The first chapter deals with the defining of the markets, and asks what are "mature markets". The conclusion is, that there are no mature-, there are "full" markets. As an example Ram shows the way Coca Cola went in the early eighties, when their fight against PesiCo was nearly lost. They fought about tenth of a percent during the seventies and eighties, and spent millions for there marketing campaigns (remember a man called michael jackson?). When Coca Cola`s new CEO Goizueta came there he defined a new market, based on the question, how much CC´s part in the stomache of there consumers was. They found out, that the biggest Rival was n ot Pepsi: It was water, coffe, milk... Due to this, they changed their distribution system - being available in every bar, school, fitness-center, CC was able to grow much bigger than PepsiCo. Well, it´s an amazing thing, defining your markets you are playing in, in a new way. I for myself have to manage the marketing strategies of a big multiplex - there more I read the book, the more ideas are coming to my mind, on how to develop new markets against our competitors...

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