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UMTS - I´m coming...

Well, how cool is this:

Foto(125):I´m watching movie trailers - STREAMING... This is the new Motorola E 1000 UMTS - and it really rocks! I don´t like the skin of the Operating System - it´s a little bit too stylie, and therefore not very comfortable to use. But the Quality of the screen is: WOW! You can choose to watch your movies *fullscreen* - just turn the device 90 degrees. The speed of UMTS is really outstanding - though respond rates are very low (every site-change takes a lot of time - when you are on a site navigation and loading of the movies and pictures etc. is *very* fast) The protal of Vodafone is still at the beginning - and prices are exorbitant - do you want to watch a 0.50 min stream of a Bundesliga-match? It´s 0,49 EUR (about 300k)! But time will bring lower rates, I´m sure. All in all, this mobile device is really cool (even video-phoning is possible - just switch between the two installed cameras ;-) ) I´m really looking forward to the times UMTS will be cheaper...

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