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Beg on me: my next investition investment (thx Boss for the correction :-) )will be a climate-thing for our office. Because of the heat of the last weeks first my beloved ibook´s HD died - thankfully just one day after I upgraded to iSync 2 and now have all my private-contacts on my 6630. No problem with the ibook, because I´ve got a "rescue - PC" - and since I´ve organised our office structure in a strict "outsource-as-much-as-can-way" there´s any problem of switching. Got an webmail account for mails, an online crm-system for the contacs and basecamp as projectserver. But now my rescue PC has died, too - the HD sounds terrible: so I got on to amazon and bought a new one. It came today and is now being installed. `Cause it will take the whole day to build it up from scratch and I´ve a lot of work to do, and all the workstations are used, I took out my good ol´ G4 from 1999. 450 MHz, 1,2 GB of RAM and OSX is just running fine. Installed Skype and received all my mail, now there just some system-updates left and I´m up online again (oh, this post is from the G4). Web-based Apps are rockin´!

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